Where to buy refurbished computers?

Where to buy refurbished computers?

Blair Tech on May 5th 2021

Where to Buy Refurbished PC's and Laptops

Buying a computer is a stressful process. Researching different models and specifications and comparing numbers between them can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright frustrating at times. Buying a refurbished computer is certainly no different. Wherever you buy your refurbished computers, to ensure you’re getting a quality and reliable computer, you’ll want to look for these three things: Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher status, extended length warranties, and reliable customer support

As mentioned above, Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers are held to stricter quality standards than other companies, resulting in a more reliable refurbished computer in your home or office. You’re guaranteed a genuine Microsoft Windows installation in addition to a system that’s been double and triple-checked to ensure an experience that’s as close to new as possible. There are many places you can find Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers. Some have physical stores that can service you in person, such as Blair Tech’s child company, Tech Castle, located at our corporate headquarters in Covington, Kentucky. Most, however, exist solely as online stores. You can find computers refurbished by Blair Tech on dozens of your most trusted online retailers’ websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Overstock, Staples, and Best Buy Canada, so you can shop with confidence in knowing Blair Tech is trusted by those retailers and Microsoft to provide you a quality refurbished computer. Another thing to look for in a company that sells refurbished desktop and laptop computers is extended-length warranties. Many smaller refurbished computer companies may only provide a short warranty of 15-30 days, and oftentimes none at all. The standard warranty on a Blair Tech computer is one year, with an affordable extended warranties of two years available as an add-on.

A short warranty or lack thereof is often a sign of inferior quality and low confidence in the refurbished computer that company is selling you. It’s a signal that company may be cutting corners or skipping integral steps in the refurbishment process such as diagnostics or proper cleaning that may lead to a hardware failure down the road. Reliable customer support is something that’s often overlooked when people are seeking to purchase refurbished computers. Technical support and troubleshooting are integral parts of the customer experience. If the company you’re buying your refurbished desktop or laptop doesn’t offer easy-to-reach customer support lines, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Blair Tech offers customer support 5-days a week during standard business hours and is reachable via email, phone, and online chat through our website. We have technical support specialists on staff to answer your questions no matter how big or small. Warranty supports with repair or replacement are easy to arrange, and if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, a 30-day return policy is offered on all sales. You can shop with confidence knowing Blair Tech is the best place to buy a refurbished computer.

How Reliable are Refurbished Computers?

Refurbished computers can be just as reliable as brand-new ones. According to Warranty Week, a publication that tracks warranty statistics across many industries, the warranty claim rate for new computers has averaged 2.7% since 2003 when data compilation began. Blair Tech averaged a 1.9% warranty claim rate in 2020, undercutting that of OEMs, demonstrating that refurbished machines are just as reliable as new ones. That’s not on a small scale, either - in 2019, the top MAR shipped over 100,000 units. Overall lifecycle duration is the same as well; with most companies cycling new hardware every 3-5 years, certified refurbished systems are ensured to last just as long or even longer.

New computers typically include a 1-year factory warranty as standard, with the option to purchase additional extended warranties with up to 3 years of coverage at most retailers. .

Certified Refurbished PCs also often contain a combination of both used and new components. Many of the most common failure points of computers (such as hard disk or solid-state storage and memory) are often replaced with new components during the refurbishment process, to ensure long-term reliability and reduce maintenance costs. These are things that are taken into greater consideration with a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher like Blair Tech than with typical resellers and non-certified refurbishers.

Enterprise-grade computers like Blair Tech sells are built to a much higher standard than typical consumer machines. Power supplies are more efficient, chassis are more rigid and typically all-metal construction, and port selection is typically more extensive as well. There’s a reason why many of the machines we sell retailed new at $1,500 or more, and it’s because they are built to a quality standard and not to a specific price target.

Keeping quality and reliability in mind throughout the entire process is at the core of what we value here at Blair Tech. We strive to ensure you receive a computer that’s as close to new, or even better than new, at every step of the process from purchasing to end-of-life. Buying a refurbished computer from Blair Tech is a great way to score yourself an industry-leading experience at a bargain-bin price.

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