Help Me Find the Right Computer

Looking to buy a laptop or desktop computer, but not sure where to start? You want something solid that will get the job done, but don't know a lot about different specifications or hardware. Blair Tech's Buying Guide makes the process of finding the right one easy for you. Just answer a few simple questions, and receive recommendations that best suit your needs.

How will you use your computer?

Family Home Computer

Casual / Light User

Browsing the web, paying bills online, email and social networking, organizing and sharing digital photos.

Basic Multi-Tasking Home or Work Computer

Average Home / Work User

Basic multitasking like spreadsheet and document creation for work or school, storing and streaming music and movies.

Multimedia & Gaming Computers

Demanding Media User

Multitasking with sophisticated programs for graphics and photo editing, audio and video production, gaming.

CPU Icon
The Processor is the Brain of your Computer, does all the hard work, and is the most difficult to replace after you buy. It is important your processor does what you need!
RAM Icon
RAM is your PCs short term memory; Every time you reboot it’s fresh and temporarily fills up as you use your computer. More RAM = Faster for Longer!
Hard Drive or Solid-State Storage is your computers Long Term Memory; Easily expandable, this is where your computer stores all files, programs, and your operating system.
All the visuals you see when you boot up your computer come from the graphics processing unit in your computer. Integrated or discreet, your GPU is responsible for the image you see.