The Best Computer for Small Business

The Best Computer for Small Business

Blair Tech on Oct 12th 2020

'Small businesses are the backbone of America’ is a popular saying here in the US. If small businesses truly are the backbone of America, then the computers they run on are the arteries. They carry information, data, and goods all around the world and ensure obligations are met. Every small business is unique, but what all of them have in common is that you need a good, reliable, well-performing computer to get your job done effectively. In this article, we’ll be going over the computing needs for different small-businesses and providing a few recommendations along the way.

The Traveler

If you or your employees are people who are constantly traveling, on-the-go, or have a hybrid telecommuting schedule, having a laptop as your primary computer is an incredible option. Laptops allow the flexibility to bring your work anywhere in the world, but also the ability to connect to external monitors, keyboards, and mice so you can increase productivity while at a desk or office space. Modern laptops use USB Type-C docking stations to enable this functionality with a single compact adapter that’s easy to carry in a backpack or laptop bag. We think one of the best options for the traveler that wants the ultimate in flexibility and portability is this Dell Latitude 7390 13-inch laptop. The 13-inch form-factor is one of the best sizes for those on-the-go. It’s large enough to ensure you’re not squinting to see text and smaller objects while being compact enough to easily slip into any backpack without issue.

The Productivity King

If you’re someone who is always working on 8 different projects at once, you demand a computer that stands up to your rigorous workflow. Multiple monitors are an absolute necessity, and enough RAM to support dozens of Chrome tabs open at once helps immensely. Maybe you’re a social media manager and need the ability to monitor all of your accounts simultaneously. Or maybe you’re a journalist, and do a lot of research and cross-examination of sources. Regardless of your profession, if you’re someone who needs maximum efficiency at work, going with the Dell Optiplex 3050 is your best bet. We recommend configuring the machine with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB Solid State Drive. Need a monitor as well? Check out our selection of great new and refurbished monitors

Additionally, if you’re especially concerned about minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, ensuring you have support for as long as possible is crucial. We recommend adding an extended two-year warranty to your purchase For just $139.99, you’re covered for two years if anything happens to your hardware. This is a longer extended warranty than most OEM’s offer alongside their brand-new products, but Blair Tech believes our systems are of a quality above-and-beyond anything else offered in the industry. We stand by our products so that you can do business with confidence!

The Value King

Many small businesses with just a few employees are often running on limited budgets. Sometimes you just need a computer to be able to do basic office tasks, and you don’t need a ton of power to do that. If you’re looking for a basic reliable machine that still runs like new, check out our Dell Optiplex 7020. We recommend configuring your machine with 8GB of RAM and a 240GB Solid State Drive. For only $179.97, you get a machine that’s reliable and snappy because of the Solid State Drive. SSD’s can be up to 10X faster than a standard hard drive.


Small businesses all have different needs. Depending on your exact use case, the above suggestions may or may not work for you. As always, do your research to ensure that what you’re buying meets the requirements of the software you’re using. If you still need help with a decision, get in touch with our support team by shooting us an email or giving us a call, and we’d be happy to help get you set up with exactly what you’re looking for to get the job done easily and efficiently. 

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