The 3 Best Back to School Laptops

The 3 Best Back to School Laptops

Blair Tech on Aug 13th 2021

Searching for the best, most affordable laptop for a student can be overwhelming. From entry-level Chromebooks to Elite Laptops there are a million and one options; And though picking the right laptop is always important, when it comes to a student keeping up in a learning environment, the future itself can be at stake!

The best laptop for a student varies depending on education level, daily activities, and of course your budget!

Equally important is who you are buying from. This determines the post-purchase support you’ll receive, the quality of the product, and how much you’re being charged. Like the endless laptop options, numerous sellers are pushing these products.

What is the best laptop for younger students?

If your student is an elementary student in 1st – 6 th Grade, consider a Chromebook.

For the youth of the nation in elementary, the answer for most parents to which laptop is best hovers between, “Do they need a laptop?” to “Make it cheap, and simple!” For good reason, having kids of my own I cannot imagine trusting them with a $1,000 hotrod laptop! So for that demographic, the answer is a resounding, “Chromebook!”

Google introduced the Chromebook back in 2011, and to their chagrin received harsh and mixed reviews. Its hardware was truly dismal, lacking the horsepower of traditional laptops. Thankfully, 10 years later all of that has changed, with Google Chromebooks increasing hardware options, and adding more functionality out of the box. They have quickly secured their place in the market as an affordable and durable entry-level laptop.

The best Chromebook for elementary students would be the HP Chromebook 

It may not roll off the tongue, but this Chromebook has what a young student needs to keep up in school, whether it’s remote learning or in-person, you can’t beat it at $100! The Intel Celeron N3060 processor is suited for entry-level computing and browsing, while the 4GB of RAM is plenty to keep up with the limited multi-tasking expected from our youngest students. As they learn basic word processing, the included Google Workspace has everything they need, including Google Docs, cloud storage, and basic note-taking software.

The built-in webcam allows them to live-chat their teachers and classmates, and the built-in Wi-Fi makes network setup simple and easy. For a durable, affordable, and capable laptop for your young student, look no further than the now-popular Chromebook!

High School students require a more powerful laptop

As your student gets older and hits 6 th grade and above the need for a more powerful system is normal. Graduating to Powerpoint, Microsoft Word & Excel, FileMaker Pro, and in-depth online research for those beloved science fair projects; The need to process more information faster becomes a necessity! Thankfully our middle and high school students can be trusted a bit more than our elementary students, but keeping durable and affordable is still a priority when buying a laptop! Our students may not be as wild as previous generations, but they still drop their devices and spill sodas! (Will that ever change!?)

So, when it comes to an affordable, durable and capable laptop for students in middle and high school, our answer is the  Dell Laptop with an Intel Quad-Core i5.

Dell of course is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and this is well deserved; They’ve been producing some of the best laptops and desktops for almost 40 years! Specifically, the Latitude series here is one of their most stable enterprise laptops, and our renewed Dell Latitude E7470, typically in the $400 range, is the perfect answer for middle or high school students needing a proficient and affordable laptop. Consider 8GBs of RAM and 500GBs of storage as plenty for the typical student!

Finally, Intel i7 powered laptops paired with solid-state storage are perfect for college students

As a student progresses through their education, it’s only natural the demands increase as well! Still engaged with Microsoft Office, they’ll likely be including premium software, like Evernote, Adobe Creative, and EndNote. There’s now the daily bombardment of assignments, typically leading right to their laptop to access the internet, create a document or presentation of some sort. Nearly everything puts them in front of the computer! To maintain maximum efficiency, it’s more important than ever that your laptop can keep up with the educational demands a student will face.

For this, we recommend an Intel Core i7 powered laptop with 16GBs of RAM and solid-state storage. Specifically, the  Dell with an Intel Quad-Core i7.

As the gold standard for multi-tasking at high speeds, an Intel Core i7 paired with 16GBs of RAM will enable you or your college student to take on any project or assignment free from lag. The recommended solid-state ensures lightning-fast boot times, and little to no wait periods when apps or documents are loading. Typically found in the $600 range, the money is well spent, and students will be grateful for the extra power when numerous assignments start to pile up!

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