Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

3rd Party Refurbisher / Installer Program

Here at Blair Tech we have continued to be the Global Microsoft Authorized Partner for Refurbishing. The benefits gained from being in this role are passed on to our partners. If you would like to see your sales soar using these advantages, take the oppurtunity to call and inquire about partnering with us. Gain acess to all of the tools, software, and discounted license prices we offer!

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Benefits of Being a Third Party Refurbisher

As a TPR, our hope is to help you grow your business. To accomplish this, we will help redefine your process to produce higher numbers more efficiently. We act as a Support Desk for technical issues that arise from your imaging process. We will keep you up to date with program changes and enhancements. Using our fast, white glove service, technicians are ready to assist in the implementation, ordering, and troubleshooting processes.

Want to Join?

To gain approval, please send us an email at Our Account Managers will reach back out with further information and schedule a virtual call to go over your processes and how we can better your business. After our meeting we will draw up a plan on how to boost sales and implement the Microsoft Refurbishing. Once signed on we will get to work and get you selling online like never before with Refurbisher Licences at the lowest offered price.

MAR Requirements

All partners are responsible for following MAR guidlines set forth by Microsoft. Blair Tech will ensure these rules are clear and easy to follow.

Current Authorized items

Choose from Windows 10 and 11 Home (32 & 64 bit); Windows 10 and 11 Professional (Pro); Windows 10 and 11 Citizenship (Non-profit, Education)

Please contact a member of our dedicated team for more information:

Sean Ovens
TPR account Manager

Danny Niesen
IT Manager